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What we believe in - our philosophy at GrapeCheck

Come as you are

Develop your own way. Our borders are open, so be yourself, be authentic. We would prefer that you don’t act professionally. Be known for what you do. We will not label you, but encourage you to be unique. It’s pretty clear that you will accomplish a lot more if you’re able to be yourself, be passionate and do what makes you happy.

Love what you do

There is love in what we do – and they say that when you love what you do, you add 5 extra days to your week. It’s what drives us and helps us to keep pushing the limits. We are all passionate and curious entrepreneurs who want to see the projects we love come to life and challenge the status quo. We are motivated by our own determination.

There is no perfection

We try to focus on what’s important, even if it means missing out on other opportunities. In a world of endless possibilities, marketing opportunities and expansion potential, it’s important to know when and how to make the right choices. We put more energy into effort and efficiency than into perfection – while staying focused on the big picture.

Power of proof

Facts win. We are big believers in trial and error, and making sure that all of our decisions are backed up with evidence. We take risks, but wouldn’t necessarily call ourselves risk-takers, as we are only confident in what has been proven. Placing proof above status helps to keep the game fair so that everyone has equal opportunity to make a big impact.

It´s all about trust

We believe that it cannot be faked, forced or taught. It just grows. We believe success is built by getting to know and trusting those around you. We do a lot to facilitate open communication, so that our conversations are straightforward, real, honest and raw. Trust plays a large role in this, which is why it’s at the heart of our company.

Life long learning

For us, learning is not a process – it is the end goal. And we enjoy the ride. We know that we are never great, never wise, never done. We are rooted in self-improvement and try to make sure to share what we learn. Our aim is to continue to grow and build each other up – not just as individuals, but as a collective team.

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Senior Full Stack Web Developer (m/f)

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Front End Developer (m/f)

Back End Developer (m/f)

Data Scientist - Data Mining (m/f)

Data Scientist - Machine Learning (m/f)

Business Development

Country Manager Germany - Sales & Marketing

Country Manager Italy - Sales & Marketing

Country Manager Spain - Sales & Marketing

Country Manager UK - Sales & Marketing

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